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Title:Real Men/Women of Genius #111
Date:Friday November 11th, 2011
[Default Article Image][Bear with me. I'm trying to post this as close to 11-11-11-11:11:11 CST as possible. Sure, it's nuts. I admit! And probably just as nuts in my way as dressing up in a costume to run a marathon is in *his* (see below). Oh, and by the way, please notice the number of today's offering--with which, by this posting, I believe this series now surpasses the total number of ads in the original Bud Light series of radio commercials. Ha! A dubious achievement at best.]

Bud Light presents...


{Re-al men of geeeeeene-yuss!}

Today we salute you, Mr. New York City Marathon Runner Covered From Head To Toe COMPLETELY In Some Kind Of Yellow Costume.

{Fee-fie-fo-fam-ma, ba-nan-a-ba-nan-a-bo-bammmmmmm-ma...}

You're not making a "statement," are you? Does this somehow tie in with the Wall Street protests, or with the quality of our government's response?

{They'rrrrrrrrrre all yellllll-lllllllow an-y-waaaaaaaaaay!}

Puh-leeeease. What we see is a kind of stretchy yellow-colored gauze, apparently opaquely transparent, leaving your head, EYES, ears, nose, and mouth totally covered--and not much to the imagination elsewhere.

{Arrrrrrrrrrrren't you e-ven wear-inggggggggggg a thong?}

Hanging loose, are we? Hoping to attract members of, well, which sex?
Except how will you SEE them? Talk to them? Exchange saliva with them??

{Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a-bouuuuuuuut a jock strap?}

In fact, how do you see where you're going? Not to mention: how do you breathe? Take in fluids? Get the insides of that GU packet they hand you inside your body? Are you making a protest against long-distance running itself? This is a suicide mission!

{Maaaaaaaaaay-be the wa-ter-stops can re-plen-ish you in-tra-ve-nous-lyyyy?}

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, O Fab-abs-ulous Bananaman, after you cross the finish and your friends and family struggle mightily against the Central Park crowds to meet you--unless, of course, you have no friends or family or any means whatsoever for actually getting that beer into your mouth.
Maybe the police will solve the problem for you by ripping that obscene costume off your body and giving you a nice striped jumpsuit--equipped with a hole for your head--instead.

{Mis-terrrrr New-York-Ci-ty-Mar-a-thon-Run-ner Cov-ered-From-Head-To-Toe COMPLEEEEEEETELY In-Some-Kinda-Yel-low-Cos-tuuuuuume.!}

Bud Light beer: we don't care where they brew it; we just dig their commercials.

( O_O )

Yours troubly,
The Troubadour

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Yankee Folly of The Day:
On the distaff side, I stopped counting at two full dozen runners in Wonder Woman costumes.
Posted:December 9th, 2011 10:51 am
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