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Group Name:UltraLadies
Manager:Nancy Shura-Dervin
Default Group: Profile ImageThe UltraLadies are a come-and-go-as-you-wish ultrarunning training group in Northern Los Angeles County. We've been together since 1995 and began as a women's training group, but sometimes includes a few UltraLadies' Men. We host bi-weekly training runs in the Santa Monical Mountains National Recreation Area and the Angeles National Forest. Training season extends from Spring to late Summer leading up to the Bulldog 50K Ultra Run in August.

We are especially supportive of new ultrarunners and we have helped train dozens of runners to complete the Bulldog 50K as their first ultrarunning experience. Many of these runners have gone on to complete 50-mile and 100-mile endurance events, while supporting the newbies who come to train with us.
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