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Race Information
Race Name:Chicago Lakefront 50k - George Cheung Memorial Race
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago Lakefront 50k
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 27th, 2021, 8:00:00.98 am
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Distance:12.427 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday March 27th, 2021 8:00:00.98 am
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Pos Race
134TODD GUNTER35M1:20:15.46:27.5Sat Mar 27th 9:20:16 am
236Richard Hamilton32M1:23:26.86:42.9Sat Mar 27th 9:23:27 am
320Matt Collins30M1:24:34.06:48.3Sat Mar 27th 9:24:34 am
478Patrick Thornton38M1:25:43.86:53.9Sat Mar 27th 9:25:44 am
551Alex Kunce25M1:27:20.07:01.7Sat Mar 27th 9:27:20 am
685John Zientko22M1:34:37.77:36.9Sat Mar 27th 9:34:38 am
73Robert Allison37M1:34:38.97:37.0Sat Mar 27th 9:34:39 am
839Drew Heitman37M1:39:02.97:58.2Sat Mar 27th 9:39:03 am
961Mark Nisley40M1:41:51.98:11.8Sat Mar 27th 9:41:52 am
1053Arnold Lim51M1:43:57.18:21.9Sat Mar 27th 9:43:58 am
1125Tracey Escobedo45F1:47:11.18:37.5Sat Mar 27th 9:47:12 am
122Jorge Aguilera59M1:47:39.98:39.8Sat Mar 27th 9:47:40 am
1354Matthew Luff39M1:47:46.58:40.4Sat Mar 27th 9:47:47 am
1469Joseph Shields39M1:47:48.68:40.5Sat Mar 27th 9:47:49 am
1514John Cerney32M1:49:12.78:47.3Sat Mar 27th 9:49:13 am
165Thom Bateman52M1:49:38.88:49.4Sat Mar 27th 9:49:39 am
1747Bernhard Kindelbacher58M1:50:50.68:55.2Sat Mar 27th 9:50:51 am
1819joann clemen40F1:50:58.08:55.8Sat Mar 27th 9:50:59 am
1945Lisa Kapp30F1:51:13.28:57.0Sat Mar 27th 9:51:14 am
208Maggie Bleach30F1:51:21.18:57.6Sat Mar 27th 9:51:22 am
2124Gio DiDomenico30M1:51:28.68:58.2Sat Mar 27th 9:51:29 am
2218Barry Clarke42M1:51:56.39:00.5Sat Mar 27th 9:51:57 am
2362Michael Olson29M1:52:22.19:02.5Sat Mar 27th 9:52:23 am
2412Joe Buzzi23M1:52:38.19:03.8Sat Mar 27th 9:52:39 am
2555Joe McGrath31M1:54:41.69:13.8Sat Mar 27th 9:54:42 am
2673Tess Sullivan39F1:55:07.49:15.8Sat Mar 27th 9:55:08 am
2746Greta Kauffman39F1:55:26.39:17.4Sat Mar 27th 9:55:27 am
2881Grant Upson40M1:55:37.99:18.3Sat Mar 27th 9:55:38 am
2910Rachel Burke36F1:55:39.39:18.4Sat Mar 27th 9:55:40 am
3044Brian Kaczar28M1:57:03.09:25.1Sat Mar 27th 9:57:04 am
3156COLE McRunner32M1:57:39.79:28.1Sat Mar 27th 9:57:40 am
321Nick Abraksia24M1:57:53.39:29.2Sat Mar 27th 9:57:54 am
3365Anya Ravitz35F1:58:00.19:29.7Sat Mar 27th 9:58:01 am
3437Yvette Hansen44F1:58:14.69:30.9Sat Mar 27th 9:58:15 am
3543Ana Juan Bustos52F1:59:08.49:35.2Sat Mar 27th 9:59:09 am
3630Jorge Godinez Jr34M1:59:18.69:36.1Sat Mar 27th 9:59:19 am
3723Jen DeSalvo38F1:59:21.59:36.3Sat Mar 27th 9:59:22 am
3882Anne Vavloukis54F1:59:33.89:37.3Sat Mar 27th 9:59:34 am
3949Erika Kooda25F2:00:15.29:40.6Sat Mar 27th 10:00:16 am
4059Mark Nelson53M2:01:07.39:44.8Sat Mar 27th 10:01:08 am
4177Arnaud Tawuo34M2:01:52.69:48.4Sat Mar 27th 10:01:53 am
4266Jacek Remiasz47M2:03:25.09:55.9Sat Mar 27th 10:03:26 am
4358Patrick Mullen22M2:04:17.210:00.1Sat Mar 27th 10:04:18 am
446Katie Binhack28F2:04:28.410:01.0Sat Mar 27th 10:04:29 am
4568Jesus Sacche33M2:04:30.010:01.1Sat Mar 27th 10:04:30 am
4613Steve Carlson45M2:05:24.110:05.5Sat Mar 27th 10:05:25 am
4763Edward Peck39M2:09:19.610:24.4Sat Mar 27th 10:09:20 am
4811Joan Buysee37F2:10:39.610:30.9Sat Mar 27th 10:10:40 am
4938suzanne hart55F2:12:33.910:40.1Sat Mar 27th 10:12:34 am
5074Rebecca Sutich29F2:13:57.510:46.8Sat Mar 27th 10:13:58 am
5128Rafael Franca41M2:14:02.210:47.2Sat Mar 27th 10:14:03 am
5235Jodi Haefner47F2:14:55.110:51.4Sat Mar 27th 10:14:56 am
5360Matthew Newton39M2:18:24.611:08.3Sat Mar 27th 10:18:25 am
5422Kevin Croninger37M2:21:37.211:23.8Sat Mar 27th 10:21:38 am
5583Edna Vazquez39F2:24:05.511:35.7Sat Mar 27th 10:24:06 am
5640Ashleigh Henrichs48F2:24:14.211:36.4Sat Mar 27th 10:24:15 am
5742Tracy Jones54F2:24:14.811:36.5Sat Mar 27th 10:24:15 am
584JESUS ALVARADO53M2:24:52.911:39.5Sat Mar 27th 10:24:53 am
5980Erin Unterbrink51F2:25:03.211:40.3Sat Mar 27th 10:25:04 am
6016Tammy Chase52F2:26:33.911:47.6Sat Mar 27th 10:26:34 am
6179Matthew Thuma55M2:27:22.011:51.5Sat Mar 27th 10:27:23 am
6257Oscar Molina40M2:27:53.911:54.1Sat Mar 27th 10:27:54 am
6375Latoya Swartz42F2:31:22.012:10.8Sat Mar 27th 10:31:23 am
6484Thomas Wiese61M2:31:37.812:12.1Sat Mar 27th 10:31:38 am
6515Sonia Chand38F2:33:05.312:19.1Sat Mar 27th 10:33:06 am
6648Marsha Komosa44F2:34:36.212:26.5Sat Mar 27th 2:30:01 pm
6764Kenneth Posner57M2:37:00.712:38.1Sat Mar 27th 10:37:01 am
6852Maureen Lesak47F2:37:03.912:38.3Sat Mar 27th 10:37:04 am
6976Boris Tannenbaum65M2:37:49.612:42.0Sat Mar 27th 9:40:35 am
709Elizabeth Braun38F2:39:52.612:51.9Sat Mar 27th 10:39:53 am
7170JOHN SIBERZ50M2:40:13.312:53.6Sat Mar 27th 10:40:14 am
7232Jeff Graham57M2:40:38.412:55.6Sat Mar 27th 9:56:03 am
7333CRAIG GRESSER65M2:40:41.712:55.9Sat Mar 27th 9:56:06 am
7421Kent Cowgill49M2:43:37.113:10.0Sat Mar 27th 10:43:38 am
7571Evelyn Smith60F3:18:22.215:57.8Sat Mar 27th 10:21:06 am
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