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October 16th, 2021
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Race Information
Race Name:Paleozoic Trail Runs - Silurian Spring II
Location:Willow Springs
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Paleo-Silur 50-Km
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021, 8:30:00.46 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Paleo-Silur 25-Km
Distance:25 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021, 9:30:00.90 am
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Checkpoint:Lap 2
Distance:10.4 Miles
Gun Start Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021 9:30:00.90 am
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Pos Race
1232James Harrington45M1:17:22.37:26.4Sun Mar 21st 10:47:23 am
2223Zach Edmonson40M1:24:59.48:10.3Sun Mar 21st 10:55:00 am
3251Sean Lovelace44M1:29:28.18:36.2Sat Mar 20th 10:59:31 am
4238Jude Hubbard14M1:30:33.78:42.5Fri Mar 19th 11:01:44 am
5239Peter Hubbard40M1:30:35.58:42.6Fri Mar 19th 11:01:46 am
6201Michael Cramarosso60M1:30:48.18:43.9Sun Mar 21st 11:00:48 am
7264Evan Roberts41M1:31:06.88:45.6Sun Mar 21st 11:01:07 am
8206Angus Atkins-Trimnell53M1:32:32.58:53.9Sat Mar 20th 11:02:35 am
9265Graham Rosby31M1:32:42.38:54.8Sat Mar 20th 11:02:45 am
10272Mirek Skital52M1:34:25.29:04.7Sun Mar 21st 11:04:26 am
11236Les Hockenberry48M1:34:37.59:05.9Fri Mar 19th 11:05:48 am
12260Chad Misner49M1:35:16.59:09.7Sat Mar 20th 11:05:19 am
13253Danny Machak58M1:35:48.69:12.8Sat Mar 20th 11:05:51 am
14257Andrew McDonough60M1:38:17.29:27.0Sun Mar 21st 11:08:18 am
15202Steve Amann57M1:40:36.89:40.5Sun Mar 21st 11:10:37 am
16212Larry Brichetto53M1:41:42.79:46.8Sun Mar 21st 11:11:43 am
17270Carl Shook38M1:42:49.29:53.2Sun Mar 21st 11:12:50 am
18244Saul Lapidus38M1:42:59.79:54.2Sat Mar 20th 11:13:03 am
19278CARA TRIEZENBERG34F1:43:46.79:58.7Sun Mar 21st 11:13:47 am
20281Reynaldo Valdez56M1:44:06.110:00.6Sun Mar 21st 11:14:06 am
21213Leslie Campins44F1:44:07.710:00.7Sun Mar 21st 11:14:08 am
22261Dan Mohr26M1:47:17.310:19.0Sun Mar 21st 11:17:18 am
23231Mike Halblander53M1:47:54.710:22.6Sun Mar 21st 11:17:55 am
24288Jennifer Welsh38F1:49:39.410:32.6Sun Mar 21st 11:19:40 am
25237Margie Hockenberry46F1:51:09.010:41.2Sat Mar 20th 11:21:12 am
26229Jeni Goodwin36F1:53:19.110:53.8Sun Mar 21st 11:23:20 am
27290Ray Piksrys63M1:53:44.810:56.2Sat Mar 20th 11:23:48 am
28218Michael Davies46M1:53:47.610:56.5Fri Mar 19th 11:24:58 am
29211Kathleen Bradley47F1:53:48.410:56.6Fri Mar 19th 11:24:59 am
30259Scott Miskevics48M1:53:49.210:56.7Fri Mar 19th 11:24:59 am
31279Louis Truffa65M1:55:25.811:05.9Fri Mar 19th 11:26:36 am
32283Gregory Vayl43M1:56:33.811:12.5Fri Mar 19th 11:27:44 am
33266Gianni Sansone33M1:57:43.711:19.2Sat Mar 20th 11:27:47 am
34287Mark Walker48M1:58:14.311:22.1Sat Mar 20th 11:28:17 am
35271Eileen Skisak62F1:58:37.711:24.4Sat Mar 20th 11:28:41 am
36274Kelly Smith51F1:59:08.911:27.4Fri Mar 19th 11:30:19 am
37230Heather Greenlee53F1:59:09.311:27.4Fri Mar 19th 11:30:19 am
38282Anne Vavloukis54F1:59:09.411:27.4Fri Mar 19th 11:30:20 am
39233John Hernandez54M2:00:22.011:34.4Fri Mar 19th 11:31:32 am
40235Julie Hintz56F2:01:46.911:42.6Sun Mar 21st 11:31:47 am
41280Robynn Upton45F2:01:52.011:43.1Sun Mar 21st 11:31:52 am
42241Jackie Kohlhagen60F2:02:51.711:48.8Sun Mar 21st 11:32:52 am
43275Susan Smock43F2:03:50.711:54.5Sun Mar 21st 11:33:51 am
44285Heather Vree40F2:03:50.911:54.5Sun Mar 21st 11:33:51 am
45221Stephen DeFalco32M2:04:28.711:58.1Sun Mar 21st 11:34:29 am
46210Mark Bowman66M2:06:00.012:06.9Sun Mar 21st 11:36:00 am
47217michael czuba40M2:10:03.912:30.4Sat Mar 20th 11:40:07 am
48246Betty Lee40F2:10:15.812:31.5Sat Mar 20th 11:40:19 am
49214April Cheverette44F2:10:16.112:31.5Sat Mar 20th 11:40:19 am
50204Jenn Anglin47F2:10:52.912:35.1Sat Mar 20th 11:40:56 am
51205Mike Anglin46M2:10:54.012:35.2Sat Mar 20th 11:40:57 am
52277Nick Tomich43M2:14:17.212:54.7Sun Mar 21st 11:44:18 am
53258Nicolette Mireles35F2:22:16.513:40.8Fri Mar 19th 11:53:27 am
54208Alicia Belcher39F2:22:16.613:40.8Fri Mar 19th 11:53:27 am
55207NYDIA BEARD47F2:22:27.013:41.8Sat Mar 20th 11:52:30 am
56284Lynn Vocelka63F2:22:27.813:41.9Sat Mar 20th 11:52:31 am
57242Catherine Krawitz60F2:22:28.213:41.9Sat Mar 20th 11:52:31 am
58252Allison Lundberg32F2:23:31.113:48.0Sat Mar 20th 11:53:34 am
59228Julie Glowacki38F2:23:32.513:48.1Sat Mar 20th 11:53:35 am
60240Fredric Kaehler55M2:24:05.513:51.3Sun Mar 21st 11:54:06 am
61247Christine Leppanen37F2:25:15.213:58.0Fri Mar 19th 11:56:25 am
62256Kurt McAdams57M2:25:36.214:00.0Fri Mar 19th 11:56:46 am
63263Stephanie Palmer35F2:26:37.514:05.9Fri Mar 19th 11:57:48 am
64220Heather Debelak38F2:28:16.814:15.5Sat Mar 20th 11:58:20 am
65269Paula Scheiwe72F2:32:02.714:37.2Sat Mar 20th 12:02:06 pm
66203Jorge Amaro73M2:35:44.914:58.5Sun Mar 21st 12:05:45 pm
67273Gary Skowronek58M2:38:03.015:11.8Sun Mar 21st 12:08:03 pm
68289Patti Werner69F2:38:04.815:12.0Sat Mar 20th 12:08:08 pm
69286Carrie Wagner45F2:39:21.315:19.4Fri Mar 19th 12:10:31 pm
70234Lorena Hernandez46F2:40:56.915:28.5Fri Mar 19th 10:29:23 am
71216Celia Corral49F2:41:04.415:29.3Fri Mar 19th 10:29:23 am
72225Yajaira Feregrino40F2:41:17.115:30.5Fri Mar 19th 10:29:47 am
73248linda leyden57F2:49:47.116:19.5Sat Mar 20th 12:19:50 pm
74268Sharon Scaletta56F2:50:34.816:24.1Sun Mar 21st 12:20:35 pm
75209Dawn Bell46F2:52:02.016:32.5Fri Mar 19th 12:23:12 pm
76276Lori Thomas52F2:52:02.116:32.5Fri Mar 19th 12:23:12 pm
77224Dana Fellows47F2:52:02.416:32.5Fri Mar 19th 12:23:13 pm
78243Traci Lambert-Cwerenz60F2:53:48.516:42.7Fri Mar 19th 12:24:59 pm
79255Karyn McAdams61F2:53:49.016:42.8Fri Mar 19th 12:24:59 pm
80250Sylvia Lopez43F2:55:04.116:50.0Fri Mar 19th 10:43:52 am
81219Susan DeAvila42F2:55:16.616:51.2Fri Mar 19th 10:43:52 am
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