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September 22nd, 2021
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Race Information
Race Name:Paleozoic Trail Runs - Silurian Spring II
Location:Willow Springs
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Paleo-Silur 50-Km
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021, 8:30:00.46 am
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Checkpoint:Lap 3
Distance:15.6 Miles
Gun Start Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021 8:30:00.46 am
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Pos Race
1118TODD GUNTER35M1:58:11.97:34.6Sun Mar 21st 10:28:12 am
2101David Curtin46M2:01:58.27:49.1Sun Mar 21st 10:31:58 am
3145Josh Rogowski35M2:05:06.38:01.2Sun Mar 21st 10:35:06 am
4110Jim Curtin44M2:12:19.88:29.0Sun Mar 21st 10:42:20 am
5100Becky Patch37F2:19:12.68:55.4Sat Mar 20th 10:49:13 am
6113Jeffrey Fleitz50M2:19:13.18:55.5Sat Mar 20th 10:49:14 am
7150Rosalie Shyu28F2:26:18.49:22.7Sat Mar 20th 10:56:19 am
8117Jennifer Govostis50F2:28:39.19:31.7Sat Mar 20th 10:58:40 am
9152Yumi Spiller36F2:29:57.69:36.8Sat Mar 20th 10:59:58 am
10123Jimmy Kasper40M2:32:04.09:44.9Fri Mar 19th 11:03:14 am
11124Ryan Charles Kelley30M2:33:11.79:49.2Fri Mar 19th 11:04:22 am
12157John Wiencek31M2:34:04.39:52.6Fri Mar 19th 10:13:27 am
13116Paul Garcia47M2:35:05.89:56.5Sun Mar 21st 11:05:06 am
14134Matthew Martin37M2:35:20.89:57.5Sat Mar 20th 11:05:22 am
15153Mike Stern50M2:35:47.99:59.2Fri Mar 19th 11:06:58 am
16130Arnold Lim51M2:35:54.69:59.7Sat Mar 20th 11:05:55 am
17112Liz Fairweather42F2:39:40.710:14.1Sat Mar 20th 11:09:42 am
18114Angela Freeman44F2:39:52.910:14.9Sat Mar 20th 11:09:54 am
19149Brian Sheridan58M2:44:00.710:30.8Fri Mar 19th 11:15:11 am
20111Tracey Escobedo45F2:44:15.910:31.8Fri Mar 19th 11:15:26 am
21125Mendel Kranz29M2:45:17.110:35.7Sun Mar 21st 11:15:17 am
22122Wendy Jay45F2:45:20.810:35.9Sat Mar 20th 11:15:22 am
23127CARL LAKE51M2:45:27.310:36.4Sat Mar 20th 11:15:28 am
24137Peter Mejorada44M2:47:19.410:43.5Sun Mar 21st 11:17:19 am
25109Barry Clarke42M2:47:42.310:45.0Sat Mar 20th 11:17:43 am
26129Rob Leavell42M2:48:54.210:49.6Sun Mar 21st 11:18:54 am
27158Jen DeSalvo38F2:53:00.511:05.4Sun Mar 21st 11:23:00 am
28136Mike McPheters54M2:56:48.111:20.0Fri Mar 19th 11:27:58 am
29132Andrae Marak52M2:57:46.211:23.7Sat Mar 20th 11:27:47 am
30142Randy Peoples62M2:59:49.611:31.6Sun Mar 21st 11:29:50 am
31147Ann Scholl50F3:02:40.111:42.6Sun Mar 21st 11:32:40 am
32146Brian Russell45M3:02:46.411:43.0Sat Mar 20th 11:32:47 am
33148Samuel Severson46M3:04:03.711:47.9Sun Mar 21st 12:34:07 pm
34156Edna Jackeline Vazquez39F3:10:26.712:12.5Sun Mar 21st 11:40:27 am
35106Angela Bilbrey45F3:14:17.712:27.3Sun Mar 21st 11:44:18 am
36138Maria Mendoza50F3:18:46.212:44.5Fri Mar 19th 11:49:57 am
37126Amy Kuska38F3:19:21.312:46.8Fri Mar 19th 11:50:32 am
38140Anthony Mueller57M3:19:36.212:47.7Fri Mar 19th 11:50:47 am
39133Dallas Martin39F3:21:09.812:53.7Sun Mar 21st 11:51:10 am
40105Lisa Barbrick43F3:22:55.613:00.5Sun Mar 21st 11:52:56 am
41139LAURI MILLS43F3:26:25.113:13.9Sun Mar 21st 11:56:25 am
42135Robert McFarland54M3:29:29.613:25.7Fri Mar 19th 11:22:40 am
43119Jodi Haefner47F3:38:19.213:59.7Sat Mar 20th 12:08:20 pm
44120James Hertz64M3:52:54.914:55.8Sat Mar 20th 12:22:56 pm
45102Ernesto Antonio30M4:01:08.215:27.5Fri Mar 19th 11:38:10 am
46143Lauren Raino29F4:01:31.015:28.9Fri Mar 19th 11:38:33 am
47144Laura Rocha50F4:16:58.516:28.4Fri Mar 19th 12:48:09 pm
48151Gary Skowronek58M4:16:59.316:28.4Fri Mar 19th 12:48:10 pm
49108Cecilia Chorne36F4:17:08.516:29.0Sun Mar 21st 12:47:08 pm

Event Information
Name of Event:Paleo-Silur 25-Km
Distance:25 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday March 21st, 2021, 9:30:00.90 am
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