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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:Terra Sans Pave - 2020
Location:Forest Preserve, Linne Woods Grove #2 - Morton Grove
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:March 23rd, 2020 3:10 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Terra 8-Km
Date:Saturday August 29th, 2020
Start Time:9:00 am
Special Instructions:
This registration is for our Terra Sans Pave 8-Kilometer - Two-Lap event distance. Want to race farther or shorter than 8 kilometers? We're also offering a "10-Mile Big Lizard", and "4-Kilometer 1-Lap Tour" of our racecourse (see details above & below, or click the "Registration" tab above to reset this screen).

Kids of age 14 and younger will automatically receive a $10.00 discount off their base registration!

Thursday August 20th - 2:00 pm CDT
Under the guidelines of Restore Illinois Phase 4 our permit allows a maximum of 50 runners per day. We've met capacity for Saturday August 29, and have been pre-approved to spread racing over Sunday August 30. Registration is now open for Sunday racing and you'll be prompted to confirm your intended day of participation. It's possible, though unlikely that some runners may opt out of Saturday racing, which could open spots for others. Order of registration will determine potential to switch day of participation, but remember... switching days is unlikely and refunds cannot be issued.
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Monday March 23rd, 20203:30 pm
Deadline passed:Friday July 31st, 2020Midnight $25.00
Deadline passed:Saturday August 15th, 2020Midnight $30.00
Deadline passed:Saturday August 29th, 20206:00 pm $40.00
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
Displayed below are 23 participants registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.

The column for 'Race Day' indicates participant's assigned day of participation. Our race permit restricts daily attendance to "50 people or fewer." Where blank and registration date is prior to August 19, Saturday is the default day. Please attend only on your indicated day!
Code values indicate participant's selection at point of registration...
a: Assigned [day]
o: I can only participate on [day]
p: I prefer [day]
v: I plan to participate Virtually
e: I can participate on either day
TBD: Day to be determined
NameRace Day
SexState /
HometownRace DayTeam NameDate of
 23 181Michelle Thom50FIllinoisChicagoo: SundayRiis Park StridersAug 30, 2020
 22 192DOUGLAS BERG65MIllinoisGLENVIEWp: SundayAug 28, 2020
 21 207Megan Moyer38FIllinoisChicagop: SundayDick PondsAug 28, 2020
 20 200Thomas Estka56MIllinoisChicagop: SundayDick PondsAug 28, 2020
 19 203Tim King58MIllinoisChicagoo: SaturdayAug 28, 2020
 18 209Nicole Saubert42FIllinoisEvanstono: SundayAug 28, 2020
 17 199Danielle Cunningham34FIllinoisChicagoo: SundayAug 27, 2020
 16 206Chelsey Metcalf30FIllinoisChicagoo: SundayAug 27, 2020
 15 196Karl Bettinger26MIllinoisEvanstono: SundayAug 24, 2020
 14 286Kate Schnatterbeck51FIllinoisGlenviewp: SundayAug 24, 2020
 13 195Rich Beddome63MIllinoisChicagoe: SundayAug 19, 2020
 12 285Melissa Savage65FIllinoisChicagoe: SundayAug 18, 2020
 11 205Keith Locascio40MIllinoisLockporta: SaturdayAug 17, 2020
 10 194Paul Angarone66MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayRiis Park StridersAug 17, 2020
 9 193Amy Ahner54FIllinoisEVANSTONa: SaturdayAug 16, 2020
 8 204linda leyden56FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 15, 2020
 7 208April Riehl29FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 15, 2020
 6 157William (Bill ) Fitzgerald69MIllinoisProspect Heightsa: SaturdayNiles/Oakton RunningAug 15, 2020
 5 197Abbe Burke62FIllinoisLake Foresta: SaturdayAug 12, 2020
 4 287Lynn Vocelka62FIllinoisLa Grange Parka: SaturdayAug 12, 2020
 3 201Eileen Ferguson73FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayRiis Park StridersAug 12, 2020
 2 202Eden Flynn28FIllinoisAllertona: SaturdayJul 29, 2020
 1 198David Ciecko32MIllinoisSchiller Parka: SaturdayMay 29, 2020

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