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Race Information
Race Name:Victory Run 5k/Fun Walk
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Victory Run 5k Race
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday September 7th, 2019, 8:11:18.45 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Victory Fun Walk
Distance:1 Mile
Started Date/Time:Saturday September 7th, 2019, 8:11:18.45 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Name Race Day
Sex State /
228DeJesus Archila19MIllinoisChicago
264Katie Arden50FIllinoisChicago
229Annette Baase51FIllinoisChicago
230Marge Brogan67FIllinoisChicago
231Michael Brogan68MIllinoisChicago
232Maureen Brown53FIllinoisChicago
295Benjamin Delgado1MIllinoisFranklin Park
257Jan DiMatteo56FIllinoisChicago
233Evelyn Greene65FIllinoisChicago
234Matt Greene67MIllinoisChicago
314Charlotte Hastings13FIllinoisChicago
328Thomas Kelley66MIllinoisChicago
235Barbara Larsen81FIllinoisChicago
236Katharine Laurent30FIllinoisChicago
254Eileen Lundin57FIllinoisChicago
255Mary Jo Lundin51FIllinoisChicago
237Amy McKenna50FIllinoisChicago
238Madi Menendez16FIllinoisgpfgv
239Tina Menendez50FIllinoisChicago
343Kitty Mrozek69FIllinoisChicago
240Henry Orlow10MIllinoisChicago
241Molly Orlow6FIllinoisChicago
242Whitney Orlow45FIllinoisChicago
256Tracy O’Lear54FUSAElmwood Park
243Jennifer Prey53FIllinoisChicago
353Stella Pry-Brown14FIllinoisChicago
263Corinna Rainey57FIllinoisChicago
357Elizabeth Reed44FIllinoisChicago
244Colleen Rest46FIllinoisChicago
245mike small64MIllinoischicago
246Jaime Sopena74MIllinoisChicago
247Patricia Tokarz63FIllinoisChicago
248Felicita Urias67FIllinoisChicago
249Rosemary Whiteside79FIllinoisChicago
250Sharon Whiteside57FIllinoisChicago
251Andrew Wyman1MIllinoisChicago
252Lily Wyman2FIllinoisChicago
253Susan Wyman38FIllinoisChicago
259Carole Zachar4FIllinoisChicago
261Helena Zachar68FIllinoisChicago
260Jubilee Zachar2FIllinoisChicago
258Renee Zachar31FIllinoisChicago
262Lester Zohsius81MIllinoisChicago
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