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Race webcasting is attempted by race directors and their suppport staff however  webcast information has yet to be posted for this race through the website of Run Race. Please direct any related questions to the race director!
Race Information
Race Name:Shady Hollow Trail Runners Membership 2019
Location:Hudson, Il
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:2019 Shady Hollow Trail Runners Membership
Distance:0 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Tuesday December 31, 2019, 11:59 am
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This list of participants is ordered by race number. List by: Name
Number Name Calendar Age Sex State /
Merlin Anderson72MIllinoisNormal
Roger Aukerman59MIllinoisNormal
Abby Bokus43FIllinoisBloomington
Ryan Church55MIllinoisBloomington
Pete Cleary42MIllinoisBloomington
amy dennis49FIllinoisBloomington
Deanne Dytkiewicz35FIllinoisHudson
Kevin Fahling55MIllinoisTowanda
Rich Fela47MIllinoisBloomington
Todd Graham44MIllinoisBloomington
Paul Haas53MIllinoisBloomington
Jeremey Helmer35MIllinoisBloomington
brian hoffmeyer47MIllinoisstreator
Mark Holcomb34MIllinoisBloomington
Mark Holcomb36MIllinoisBloomington
Scott Hussemann35MIllinoisHudson
Chip Jamerson47MIllinoisColfax
Rob Judd42MIllinoisBloomington
Jay Kautz29MIllinoisPeoria
Doug Kelsey57MIllinoisNormal
Jackie Moss44FIllinoisPekin
Ted O'Neil56MIllinoisNormal
Kristen Olson43FIllinoisBloomington
Chuck Palmer48MIllinoisLexington
Tara Payne47FIllinoisHudson
Paul Peacock50MIllinoisLexington
Kirsten Pieper47FIllinoisBlackstone
David Quinn54MIllinoisBloomington
Scott Richardson68MIllinoisNormal
Shelly Rud56FIllinoisEllsworth
Trent Runyon40MIllinoisBloomington
Trent Runyon42MIllinoisBloomington
Josh Smith39MIllinoisBloomington
John Smith III46MIllinoisHudson
Jim Street56MIllinoisBlackstone
Brigette Van Hook40FIllinoisStanford
Bradley Wilson37MIllinoisNormal
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