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Attention... One event of this race are set for display of results. Click the "Display Results" button at an event level below to view posted results. Please direct related questions to the race director.
Race Information
Race Name:MSW Light Up the Night 5K
Location:Park Ridge
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:MSW 5k Race
Date:Saturday October 4th, 2014
14 divisions have been set up for results of this event. Overall and Divisional results may be generated as participants finish this event.

Lower Bound
Upper Bound
of Awards
Exclude from
other Divisions?
121F 14-19F1419
122M 14-19M14195
126F 20-29F2029
127M 20-29M2029
128F 30-39F3039
129M 30-39M3039
130F 40-49F4049
131M 40-49M4049
132F 50-59F5059
133M 50-59M5059
134F 60-69F6069
135M 60-69M6069
171F 70 - UpF70999
172M 70 - UpM70999
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