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Race Information
Race Name:28th Annual Elmwood Park Cross Country Tiger Invite
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Date:Saturday October 7th, 2017
Overall Results: Varsity Girls
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameGradeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
11Fatima Giron10F118:00.76:00.2470Round Lake
22Frankie Chaidez9F219:23.96:28.0110IC Catholic Prep
33Paola Gonzalez11F319:54.96:38.3290Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
44Alyssa Jimenez12F420:00.36:40.1547Trinity Blazers
55Bridget O'Bryan11F520:00.66:40.2551Trinity Blazers
66Angelica Salgado11F620:10.16:43.4291Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
77Erika Perez12F720:22.96:47.6409Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity
88Grace Brown12F820:32.76:50.9550Trinity Blazers
99Diana Almazan10F920:36.96:52.3292Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
1010Ailee Hogan10F1020:38.56:52.8370Nazareth
1111Crystal Mendez12F1120:41.56:53.8293Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
12Kailee Carro12F1220:51.26:57.11DePaul College Prep
1312Jazmin Santoyo11F1320:52.76:57.6160Leyden Girls Varsity
1413Karen Lopez11F1420:54.26:58.1295Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
1514Sylvia Ritzler9F1520:55.86:58.6554Trinity Blazers
1615Bella Perez12F1621:01.87:00.633Elmwood Park
1716Helena Walo12F1721:03.47:01.1430Regina Dominican
1817Alexa Mendoza12F1821:08.17:02.7548Trinity Blazers
19Natalia Slinwinska11F1921:11.67:03.92DePaul College Prep
2018Evelyn Arzola11F2021:16.37:05.4161Leyden Girls Varsity
2119Natalie Scalamera9F2121:18.57:06.2201Montini Broncos
2220Jeny Martinez10F2221:20.17:06.7471Round Lake
2321Itzel Miranda11F2321:21.77:07.2299Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
2422Julissa Unzueta12F2421:30.07:10.0117IC Catholic Prep
2523Alia Johnson9F2521:31.37:10.4111IC Catholic Prep
2624Azalia Ramirez11F2621:35.07:11.7294Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
2725Jahaira Gonzalez11F2721:42.07:14.0476Round Lake
2826Brenda Bolivar10F2821:43.97:14.6163Leyden Girls Varsity
2927Anmar Cabral12F2921:44.77:14.9162Leyden Girls Varsity
3028Kate Foley9F3021:49.27:16.4555Trinity Blazers
3129Lizet Aguirre10F3121:50.97:17.0475Round Lake
3230Julie Cruz10F3221:53.77:17.9165Leyden Girls Varsity
3331Isabelle Spiewak11F3321:57.17:19.0431Regina Dominican
34Rachel Medina11F3422:00.77:20.2296Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
35Vanessa Guardado11F3522:02.57:20.8297Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
3632Geti Zani10F3622:03.87:21.334Elmwood Park
37Dayam Meraz12F3722:06.77:22.2298Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)
38Connie McNulty12F3822:11.37:23.8100Guerin Prep
3933Teresa Mejia12F3922:12.27:24.1408Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity
4034Claudia Pineda11F4022:14.17:24.7168Leyden Girls Varsity
4135Yeni Aguirre12F4122:22.27:27.4473Round Lake
4236Lianna Vego10F4222:24.27:28.1206Montini Broncos
4337Gabi Szado10F4322:25.07:28.335Elmwood Park
4438Rosita Ponce12F4422:41.17:33.7552Trinity Blazers
45Casey De La Cruz10F4522:42.47:34.13DePaul College Prep
4639Alejandra Cortes10F4622:46.47:35.5472Round Lake
4740Caitlin McGarry9F4722:48.57:36.2375Nazareth
4841Jaida Smith11F4822:55.77:38.6114IC Catholic Prep
4942Danielle Weimerskirch11F4922:56.27:38.7166Leyden Girls Varsity
5043Abby Hosek11F5023:01.37:40.4374Nazareth
5144Anna Chmielawiec9F5123:09.87:43.336Elmwood Park
52Sydney Tajkowski9F5223:11.17:43.74DePaul College Prep
5345Erin Phelan10F5323:16.47:45.5438Regina Dominican
54Amanda Arroyo11F5423:19.07:46.3101Guerin Prep
5546Maureen Hines11F5523:20.07:46.7432Regina Dominican
5647Allie Ramirez12F5623:22.07:47.3478Round Lake
5748Sofia Moreno10F5723:23.17:47.7376Nazareth
58Alexis Weiner10F5823:30.47:50.1169Leyden Girls Varsity
5949Maddie Merker11F5923:44.47:54.8208Montini Broncos
60Deanna Hagberg12F6023:46.07:55.3553Trinity Blazers
61Alicia Hernandez10F6123:53.67:57.9477Round Lake
62Rebecca Everett10F6223:56.17:58.7102Guerin Prep
6350Nora Ann Clancy10F6323:57.37:59.1433Regina Dominican
6451Marie Corpuz12F6423:58.97:59.6209Montini Broncos
6552Sabina Llernas9F6523:59.77:59.9378Nazareth
66Daisy Alcantar10F6624:00.78:00.2479Round Lake
6753Olivia Lys9F6724:01.38:00.437Elmwood Park
6854Calie Svoboda11F6824:02.08:00.7377Nazareth
6955Carly Serpe9F6924:03.38:01.1435Regina Dominican
7056Gigi Kinsella11F7024:08.88:02.9371Nazareth
71Jael Rodriguez10F7124:17.68:05.9167Leyden Girls Varsity
72Angela Castelan9F7224:23.18:07.7164Leyden Girls Varsity
7357Nora Sipchen9F7324:36.98:12.3434Regina Dominican
74Sydney Moore11F7424:41.28:13.7439Regina Dominican
7558Maggie Connelly10F7524:41.68:13.9205Montini Broncos
76Meghan McCabe11F7624:43.38:14.4437Regina Dominican
77Kayla Salerno10F7724:45.48:15.1373Nazareth
7859Rachael Merlos11F7824:51.18:17.038Elmwood Park
7960Emma Ciaccio10F7925:14.78:24.9204Montini Broncos
80Kyleigh Dalkin12F8025:18.18:26.0436Regina Dominican
8161Dora Dill10F8125:29.38:29.839Elmwood Park
8262Elizabeth Martinez12F8226:54.48:58.1410Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity
8363Anna Gendusa12F8327:29.59:09.8116IC Catholic Prep
8464Juanita Herrera11F8428:29.09:29.7112IC Catholic Prep
8565Peyton James11F8529:00.69:40.2113IC Catholic Prep
8666Diana Gonzalez9F8629:44.19:54.7412Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity
8767Kimberly Aguirre9F8729:48.79:56.2411Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity
88Amanda Meraz9F8830:08.910:03.0103Guerin Prep

Division Results: Varsity Girls
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Morton High School (Berwyn/Cicero)3 + 6 + 9 + 11 + 13
21, 24
2Trinity Blazers4 + 5 + 8 + 14 + 17
28, 38
3Round Lake1 + 20 + 25 + 29 + 35
39, 47
4Leyden Girls Varsity12 + 18 + 26 + 27 + 30
34, 42
5IC Catholic Prep2 + 22 + 23 + 41 + 63
64, 65
6Elmwood Park15 + 32 + 37 + 44 + 53
59, 61
7Regina Dominican16 + 31 + 45 + 46 + 50
55, 57
8Nazareth10 + 40 + 43 + 48 + 52
54, 56
9Montini Broncos19 + 36 + 49 + 51 + 58
10Prosser Career Academy Girls Varsity7 + 33 + 62 + 66 + 67235
11DePaul College PrepOpen Team: 4 finishers
12Guerin PrepOpen Team: 4 finishers

Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Boys
Date:Saturday October 7th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Open Girls
Date:Saturday October 7th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Open Boys
Date:Saturday October 7th, 2017
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