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Race Information
Race Name:Chillbilly 2 Hour and 8 Hour Endurance Events
State:Illinois, United States
Chillbilly 2 Hour
RunnerBIB#2 or 8 HourLoopsOut & BacksMileage
Mike Kelsey19725211
Mitch Hurst8125211
Cole Stoner29925110.5
Chad Barnes19925010
Cody Renshaw2052439.5
Brian Dennison1642429
Corey Weaver1962429
Paul Wilkerson3002429
Lupe Martinez1592418.5
Leonard Ealey1622418.5
Tom Svendsen1982348
James Thompson1602408
Phillip Trompeter1562327
Rhonda Heinz1572327
Adam Sterusky1532316.5
Christy Habel2002306
Kelly Stark1552235.5
Bev Smith1582225
Bill Holmes2982225
Mike Cwerenz1652204
Jennifer Horstmann1542000
Jackie Harrmann1612000
Michael Fazio1632000

Chillbilly 8 Hour
RunnerBIB#2 or 8 HourLoopsOut & BacksMileage
Chris Silva224818136.5
Matt Robinson231816333.5
Gabe Trevino218816132.5
James Middlemas232815231
Chad Hazelwood215814229
Tim Leichtenberg216814229
Keith Aurand238813327.5
Robert McCroy219813227
Mark Wells233813227
Sarah Jeanne Olson226813126.5
Racine Lambert-Cwerenz229812225
Phillip Heinz214812124.5
Shane Westen240812024
Julia Carrell217811223
Clarice Chick230811223
Bill Harrmann234811223
Maurice Wantiez237811223
Mary Hosborough241811223
Cody Comstock225811022
Sean Ryan23989018
Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood22188217
Ridic Wells22288217
Jaemin Chon22786012
Mike Dillard23586012
Theresa Brink2208000
Anne Shipman2238000
Sam Turco2288000
Joseph Hartwig2368000
Event Information
Name of Event:Chillbilly 2 Hour Endurance Event
Date:Saturday January 14th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Chillbilly 8 Hour Endurance Events
Date:Saturday January 14th, 2017
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