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Race Information
Race Name:Greek Fest Olympic 5k Run/Walk 2015
Location:Fort Wayne
State:Indiana, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Greek Fest Olympic 5k
Date:Saturday June 27th, 2015
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Name Race Day
Sex State /
Rod Alter49MIndianaFort Wayne
Kristi Baker50FIndianaFort Wayne
Ben Berning29MIndianaFort Wayne
Anthony Bojinoff59MIndianaFort Wayne
Alex Bond18MIndianaFort Wayne
Nicholas Bond19MIndianaFort Wayne
Jo Ellen Campbell37FIndianaFort Wayne
Kevin Carlson54MIndianaFort Wayne
Matthew Cherry24MIndianaHuntington
Lisa Covey42FIndianaFort Wayne
Maria Covey15FIndianaFort Wayne
Shadley Cripe25MIndianafort Wayne
Melissa Darby26FIndianaFort Wayne
Adam Dyer27MIndianaFort Wayne
Ryan Elliott27MIndianaMillersburg
leah feller28FIndianaFort Wayne
Ross Feller28MIndianaFort Wayne
Bernard Fischer44MIndianaKendallville
Ashley Fusselman30FIndianaHuntington
Danielle Gannon25FIndianaFort Wayne
Jessica Gannon21FIndianaMuncie
Marge Ginder45FIndianaKendallville
Miguel Gonzalez31MIndianaFort Wayne
Claire Greer16FIndianaFort Wayne
Tara Gutierrez35FIndianaLeo
Dick Harnly77MIndianaFORT WAYNE
Katie Hillyer23FIndianaFort Wayne
Greg Hockemeyer52MIndianaColumbia City
Helen Hockemeyer34FIndianaColumbia City
Angela Holliman57FIndianaFort Wayne
Ned Holliman61MIndianaFort Wayne
John Kessler59MVirginiaRoanoke
Brian Kiess49MIndianaFort Wayne
Holly Kiess16FIndianaFort Wayne
Skylar Kiess13FIndianaFort Wayne
Nicole Kowtko22FIndianaFort Wayne
Bryon Kraus29MIndianafort Wayne
Angela Kritsch30FIndianaFort Wayne
Chad Kubly36MIndianaFort Wayne
Bart Landez65MIndianaKendallville
Laura Larkin57FCaliforniaSan Carlos
Sam Lawrence30MIndianaFort Wayne
Bethany Lindberg26FIndianaFort Wayne
Casondra Lipp25FOhioDefiance
Clay Little55MIndianaFort Wayne
Diane Little57FIndianaFort Wayne
Hollie Lobrillo25FIndianafort wayne
Ebru Ludwig29FIndianaFort Wayne
Missy Maldeney40FIndianaFort Wayne
Betsy Mcinturff35FIndianaFort wayne
Eli Mcinturff12MIndianaFort wayne
Abby Naas29FSouth CarolinaColumbia
Brian Newsome26MIndianaFort Wayne
Scott Oberlin33MOhioBryan
Aaron Orme38MIndianaFort Wayne
Angie Peppler26FIndianaFort Wayne
Kay Piper51FMissouriNew Melle
Tommy Piper17MMissouriNew Melle
Anna Rangel59FIndianaKokomo
Dana Reuter28FIndianaChurubusco
Eric Ribner46MIndianaFt Wayne
Amelia Roebuck22FIndianaFort Wayne
Andrew Roebuck30MIndianaFort Wayne
Phil Rozzi55MIndianaLogansport
Alex Seabeck18FIndianaFt Wayne
Ashley Seibt31FIndianaFort Wayne
Philip Shafer66MIndianaOssian
Amy Jo Sites40FIndianaFort Wayne
Tess Steffen54FIndianaFORT WAYNE
Miles Stucky36MIndianaCovington
Jennifer Thum36FIndianaFort Wayne
Matthew Tomlinson33MIndianaChurubusco
Matt Troyer41MIndianaFort Wayne
Efren Vergara40MIndianaFort Wayne
Jonathan Walker59MIndianaFort Wayne
Lucius Walker27MIndianaFort Wayne
Jennifer Wall26FIndianaFort Wayne
Andrew Walsh37MIndianaFort Wayne
Barb wearley65FIndianaHuntertown
Kelsey Wood23FIndianaFort Wayne
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